Ambulatory Surgery

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The Nursing Clinical Education Dept. has developed an Educational Internship Program (EIP) for newly graduated RNs.

The program involves nearly 100 topics which are covered individually by each new RN, as directed by the Educator. The program is individualized in order to allow the new RN to acclimate from school to work.

The average length of time in EIP is 1 week. The RN then works with a preceptor on the Med-Surg unit for approximately 8-12 weeks. Weekly meetings are held during the EIP to assess progress. Evaluations with the Educator and Nurse Manager are completed at the end of EIP/preceptorship and at the 6-month mark.

This program has proven to be very successful in preparing our new RNs to meet the high standards of our nursing department and exceed the expectations of our patients, with the end result being: “Exceptional Care…Always!”